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Bruwier Potatoes enjoys a unique reputation in the world of potatoes. Our name is synonymous with quality, reliability and a perfect working relationship. These are the properties which are important enough to tip the balance in a market with such a perishable product and such unstable prices.

Bruwier Potatoes concentrate their activities on providing service. We look for the potatoes that you need, throughout the world, in the required quantity, size, colour and variety at the keenest prices. To do this, we have carefully selected suppliers in all the important potato-growing countries. We are right up to date with market trends, so we can predict what will happen in the near future.
In addition we take care of the whole logistics process, from beginning to end. We will deliver your potatoes by boat, train and lorry. The transport is completely under the control and in the hands of Bruwier Potatoes, thus guaranteeing you that your potatoes will be in tip-top condition on delivery.